How to Change Air Filter of Your Car

How to Change Air Filter of Your Car
Image Credit : Wikihow

Many people are unaware they filter from time to time. We must believe that if the air filter is dirty or clogged, it’s Rob auto power, making it difficult for your car can climb the mountains and the highway ramp. A clogged air filter is dirty or the poor mileage. Indeed, 10 minutes by the quantity of gas. Although many do not appear, you will see the sharing of dirty or clogged air filter can be hundreds of dollars over the long term.

If the air filter, the first thing to do is to find and open the filter. Open the hood and find the air filter. If your car is in the last 20 years, the air is usually a black plastic with metal clip. You will also see a black plastic pipe to the house.

To open the filter to bend the metal brackets. If it is too small to be done by hand, they need the help of a flathead screwdriver, pop it. There are some cases that have a mother at the top.

After removing the nuts of the filter, it is important to understand the nuts in a safe place. You can use in your pocket or in a place where you still believe that we should forget, or in a place where you can easily lose.

Now, remove the filter. The filter can be round or rectangular. Whatever the form, you will see that the filter paper folded, are surrounded by rubber. Before the old filter, you must observe and remember that in the office. Then you can use the new filter correctly. To remove the filter, remove and make sure that nothing in the bottom of the box.

The next step for a new filter in place. During installation, you must be sure to have the same configuration as just removed. What good is that, even if you make a mistake, you know, if you can not make it closed. Once the new filter in place, we must also ensure that the rubber seals of the filter into the slot for the home.

The last step is to attractions with a new air filter and I know you did it and you save some ‘money in the process. Install a new air filter is usually 10 minutes. It ‘easy to do and not many agents and even a lot of knowledge and experience in automotive repair to be done.