Automobile Maintenance Fortunate Evolution

The business of auto maintenance and repair is not like the business of old. No, this is not bad news, hence the word “fortunate” in the title. Before, there were so many parts of your vehicle that required regular replacement and this cost you a fortune. Individually, they would probably not dent your bank account too much but if you sum it all up- ignition rotors, distributor caps, valves, wires, spark plugs – it could literally be dizzying. Luckily for the vehicle-owning population, technology has done its share in modifying most of these parts to more advanced, and more long-lasting systems.

Automobile Maintenance Fortunate Evolution
Automobile Maintenance Fortunate Evolution

Nonetheless, automobile maintenance is still a must and if you are wondering why you still have that gas credit card or gas card in your pocket, you should know that discounts for maintenance are still very much needed.

So what are the maintenance services you still need to pay for in keeping your car in mint condition? Tune ups and regular vehicle maintenance, that’s what.

Although there have been many alterations in a vehicle’ system, your car would still have parts that suffer wear and tear. Your car owner’s manual can explain that to you in detail. It will also contain a section for the manufacturer’s maintenance interval which generally has been extended. For instance, fuel filters may last the lifetime of the vehicle while platinum spark plugs can easily last a hundred thousand miles.

So, pretty much, your tune up would focus on two vital parts. The air filter is one of those. You will need to clean it regularly, which is every 15000 to 30000 miles. You won’t need to have this replaced though unless it gets damaged.

The other one is your vehicle’s cabin filters, which sieve the incoming dust and air particles to help keep your interior neat and to keep unappealing smells out. After 10000 miles, they will need replacement, especially with the pollution present in our roads today.

For regular vehicle maintenance, you should check into your car manufacturer’s vehicle maintenance management procedure, since it would vary depending on the car’s year, make, and model.

General vehicle maintenance include services for oil change and oil filter cleaning, coolant or antifreeze flushing, brake system flushing, transmission fluid check up, and gear box check ups. General vehicle maintenance also includes tire maintenance – check ups for rotation and balance, tire replacement and alignment. This tire rotation may not be included in the manufacturer’s manual but it is very important to have this checked out. You will need to rotate your tires every 5000 miles or as applicable.

Fir inspections, this would include checking of brakes, front end, under carriage, belts, hoses, and the battery. You’ll also need to have your wiper blades checked. Aside from the things mentioned, you’ll also need fuel injector cleaning auto maintenance and a pre-road trip car maintenance.

The only unfortunate part in this, and the main reason why you still need to have that gas credit card, is that vehicle maintenance costs have not gone down.